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Best Masks that Won’t Fog Yours or Your Kids’ Glasses

September 22, 2020

Best Kids Organic Face Mask for Glasses Wearers Made in the USA

Glasses-wearers have been having a tough time of keeping their masks on, especially since it hinders their vision due to the fog accumulation. More than anyone else, though, kids have face quite a few challenges related to keeping their faces covered, due to their masks’ tightness and low breathability. 

Max & Ola fabric masks are the best solution for those dealing with such problems. The metal wire nose adjustment, filter pockets, and other optimal features allow adult and adolescent glasses-wearers to fit the cloth onto their facial features perfectly and comfortably. These lightweight, breathable face masks are the best solution for protecting yours and your children’s health, all while maintaining comfort and clear vision throughout the day.  

Avoiding Fog on Your Glasses with Max & Ola Masks

It’s the bane of any glasses-wearer’s existence nowadays. The moment you don your mask and exhale your first breath of air, you’re suddenly peering through a screen of white haze. Doctors of the Cleveland Clinic explain this phenomenon as follows: When the warm, exhaled air contacts the cool surface of your lenses, condensation forms and obstructs your vision. As long as there is a route of escape for this warm air to travel toward your eyes, this problem will persist.  

Max & Ola fabric masks are designed with a metal wire nose adjustment, perfect for resolving this issue. This feature allows the mask to perfectly align with the contours of your face, preventing rogue air from escaping the top of the mask and fogging up your lenses. For this reason, Cleveland Clinic's Dr. Aaron Hamilton recommends metal wire nose bars and the following practice: 


Best  Organic Face Mask for Glasses WearersBefore you fit the nose wire to the bridge of your nose, push the mask higher up on your face. According to Dr. Hamilton, this helps your glasses to “seal” to your face much better, again, reducing the amount of warm air that escapes from the top. Luckily, our organic face masks are perfectly suited for this, as they are available in a variety of sizes for both children and adults, and can be extended to stretch from the very top of the nose’s bridge, down to the chin. 

Max & Ola fabric face masks are also equipped with filter pockets, perfect for kids and adults who need protection against environmental pathogens. Dr. Joel Burken of the Missouri University of Science and Technology suggests that immune-compromised mask-wearers should add HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filters to their facial coverings to better protect their health. 

One of the best characteristics of Max & Ola masks is that the filter pocket is optional. Unlike other vented and filtered facial covers on the market, these organic face masks are fully enclosed on the wearer's face without the separate venting component. 

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), this is much safer, as masks designed with a permanently open vent allow the wearer's respiratory droplets to escape. This design flaw reduces the mask's effectiveness in preventing the spread of COVID-19. Thus, Max & Ola face masks with filter pockets provide increased safety for yourself while simultaneously maintaining public health.

The Incomparable Comfort of Max & Ola Face Masks

Max & Ola face masks with filter pockets and are best suited for maximizing airflow, largely due to the breathable, gentle material. The gauze and pleated batik cotton fabrics comprising Max & Ola masks are ideal for high airflow, especially when compared to the uncomfortably tight, scratchy polypropylene surgical face covers. 

The better the airflow is through your filtered mask, the less chance you'll have of experiencing your view being obstructed due to an influx of warm air into your eyes. Plus, your kids will feel much better when wearing these carefully handcrafted products, since they won’t have to deal with the harsh material against their young, sensitive skin. Your kids will never have to worry about pain and discomfort again, and as a bonus, they can choose from their favorite colors and patterns, from Disney’s Mickey ears to solid bright and pastel colors.

Another factor that widely discourages the public from wearing masks for extended periods is the skin irritation caused by the abrasive straps. Though people have come up with all sorts of innovative ways to ease this discomfort, things like buttoned headbands or specialized hair accessories impose extra costs on facial protection. Not everyone has the financial wiggle room to purchase more than a breathable face mask or the craftsmanship to devise these solutions for themselves. 

This facet of the mask-wearing experience has become quite prevalent over time. The longer people have worn their facial coverings, the more aware they've become of the harmful effects of poor-quality straps. Unfortunately for some, this issue can become more than just a slight inconvenience. It can develop into a serious concern, as the skin can begin breaking down, introducing a significant infection risk. For this reason, the soft, yet strong and secure nylon loops are ideal for both you and your children. 

Fortunately, Max & Ola offer face masks that don’t hurt the ears, so you don’t have to worry about repeatedly adjusting the facial cover to alleviate the irritation throughout the day. The elastic, nylon straps are designed to keep the mask comfortably yet securely on your face without hurting the sensitive skin behind your ears. This is a must-have feature for back-to-school season, as it will help to keep your kids from touching their faces in attempts to fix their straps. 

The CDC has widely recommended the use of cloth face masks for the public, explicitly noting that other makeshift face coverings, such as bandanas, are virtually ineffective. Further, many have suggested that N95 and surgical masks should be left for medical professionals, given the shortage of PPE (personal protective equipment) the country is currently experiencing. With Max & Ola reusable, breathable face masks, you can support the frontline medical professionals by not contributing to this shortage. 

Max & Ola high-quality, multilayered, organic cotton face masks are designed to keep you and your kids comfortable, stylish, and safe. They are capable of being fitted uniquely to your facial features, providing the best seal, adaptable to any facial features. To keep you and your kids comfortable and happy when out in public, get your Max & Ola breathable face masks today. 



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