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How to Test the Water Quality in Your House

June 25, 2019

We ask local plumbing company  how to Check the Quality of the Water in your Home?

 Before consuming water, it is important to ascertain whether it's  safe for consumption or not. Many at times, the quality of water in our homes might not be as great as we previously thought.
There are several parameters that you can use in your home to ascertain the quality of your water supply.
The smell, water texture and several other parameters can tell you more about the water that you intend to
There are two main ways of testing the quality of your home water supply; internal testing methods and
external testing methods.
1. Using Internal Testing Methods
a)Depth of the Water Source
If your home water supply comes from a well, then you should first inquire about the depth of the well.
Quality water for home use should come from a well whose depth is not let us than 100 feet deep.
No matter the texture or the general appearance of the water, water from a well whose depth is less than
the recommended 100 feet will be full of chlorine and heavy metals.
For home use, the depth of a well should not be less than 500 feet deep. If you are living in an apartment,
then you should ask the caretaker about the depth of the well.
Apart from the depth of the water source, you can also use smell to determine water quality. Pure drinking
water should have no smell. If the water that you are about to consume has a rotten or stale smell, then it
is highly concentrated with heavy metals.
There are other instances when the water will smell as if it been taken straight from a swimming pool. If
that is the case, then the water contains high amounts of chlorine.
Water texture will tell you a lot about the quality of water even without testing. Pure water should be
crystal clear. Thus, water that’s either cloudy or translucent is not safe for consumption. Such water
contains harmful particles such as pathogens and metals.
2. Using External Testing Methods
It’s important to point out that internal testing methods are not conclusive enough when determining
water quality. Thus, you should always have to test the water using water testing kits purchased from your
local store or online.
There are different water testing kits depending on the parameter, you would want to test.

a) Test Strips
Small, single-use test strips are used to test the concentration of chemicals in the water. A test strip will
come with a colour chart which you will use to compare the colour change after dipping the strip into the
water sample.
b) Colour Disks Kits
Ideal for water chemical tests. Upon purchasing the colour disk kit, you will be required to add either a
few drops of liquid reagent or powder packet into a plastic tube that contains the water sample.
c) Hand-held Digital Instruments
Provide the most accurate testing of all the three methods discussed above. However, they are quite

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