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Welcome to Max & Ola's

Air & water, sunshine, and children - these are the earth's most precious resources.

Just as we must protect and care for our earth, so we must protect and care for our children. Whatever is safe for our environment is often safe for our children as well. At Max & Ola's, we are dedicated to the safety and welfare of the planet, and the health and happiness of our children.

We make baby shoes and baby apparel in the time-honored tradition; with our hands & our hearts, using only certified, non-toxic materials. We start with the finest materials we can find, and then we do our best to make sure these are processed as naturally as possible, without harsh chemicals, so we can keep our environment and our children healthy. We believe you should not put anything on your baby that that the earth doesn't know how to produce organically.

We are a business within a family, and when we say "our family" - we mean our family, your family, and the family of man, and so we honor the ideals of fair-trade and social responsibility. Fairness, honesty, and integrity are the paradigms of our company and our mission statement, and we practice the principles we believe in.

When we make shoes for your little ones - we make them the same way we make shoes for our little ones, for your children are our children, and our children are yours.

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